Legal Requirements:

  • As the legal system of entry in any country differs from one country to another so a strong understanding of the definite system is necessary before you travel to a new country. Saudi Arabia has got firm rules and regulations that need to be understood carefully. Before you aim at taking flight Saudi Arabia make sure you have whole documents including Passport. Visa, ticket, booking card or certification delivered by travel agency you chose to make proceedings for your Haj and Umrah.
  • A vaccination card and medical health certificate mandatory. Other main documents include ID cards, your hotel vouchers, your tickets or transport vouchers.
  • To avoid any embarrassment owing to loss of documents keep a spare copy of all your important documents.
  • Keeping an electronic copy of all important documents may have opted. It is good to E-mail all important documents to yourself or someone whom you can contact in time of need.


  • Must have two sets of Ihram with you
  • A prayer mat.
  • A pair of comfortable slippers which should not bother your feet if you have to walk for long distances.
  • As the weather conditions in Saudia Arabia are hot so your clothes must be in accordance with that.


  • You must have your guidebook with you when you leave for Haj and Umrah. You can either purchase it or get it from the travel agency you are seeking guidance from.

Money matter:

  • You must make sure that your card works in Saudia Arabia
  • Also, try to keep sufficient amount of local cash with you


  • You must check and make sure you are keeping all your necessary medicines with you


  • Mobile phone charger and an extra cable


  • A bag for keeping your documents
  • An Umbrella
  • A big case that must be easy to carry
  • One medicine/ first aid box


  • A pair of towels
  • Body wash or bath soap
  • Hand wash and face wash
  • One toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A shaving cream
  • A comb