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Get the Most Affordable Easter Umrah Packages for 2024

Umrah is recognised as one of the most beneficial Sunnah with great rewards and blessings. It comprises visiting Makkah's Holy land and carrying out compulsory rites there. Unlike the mandatory Hajj, there are no specified days to perform Umrah. But you cannot perform it in the Hajj days. So, Muslims always look for opportunities to get a faith revival through Umrah any time of the year.

Due to work and other purposes, UK Muslims want their Umrah to be scheduled during the holidays. Therefore, if you want Easter Umrah packages, we can surely help you. Hajj Umrah Hub is known for providing all-inclusive reliable, and cheap Umrah packages. We have the best packages for you whether you want to go for an Umrah during the Easter holidays or Ramadan.

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Why Should You Trust Hajj Umrah Hub?

Hajj Umrah Hub is one of the best travel agencies in the UK, serving for years with the best Umrah packages. Therefore, we understand the importance of arranging the Umrah during holidays. Most UK Muslims prefer to perform Umrah during the holidays because they don’t have to compromise on their work or businesses. So, if you want Easter Umrah packages for 2024, we are your guys.

From flights and hotel accommodations to customised food and transport options, we provide it with all in our all-inclusive Umrah holiday packages. Our vigilant team understands the importance of a smooth journey and stay. So you can focus more on your spiritual journey and faith revival. Moreover, you will get the most affordable Easter Umrah packages with us.

Umrah and its Importance for Muslims

Just like in Hajj, in Umrah, the Muslims also visit the Sacred House of the Almighty and repent of their sins. The main goal of this Sunnah is to cleanse your soul of all your past sins. Also, Muslims spend their time and wealth in the Almighty’s way to please Him and ask for His countless mercies and blessings. Therefore, it can also be seen as a way to remove poverty and burden from a person’s life.

Moreover, Umrah is known to have countless benefits. It brings not only happiness and faith revival but also decency and forgiveness. Even though the reward of performing an Umrah is equivalent to Hajj in Ramadan, it doesn’t replace the obligation of performing the mandatory Hajj.

As the Prophet (PBUH) himself performed Umrah multiple times in his lifetime, Muslims are looking for opportunities to perform Umrah at least once in their lives. So, if you think it is time to embark on this spiritual journey, we can help you get the most ideal Easter holiday Umrah packages.

Our Customisable Easter Umrah Packages

As mentioned earlier, Hajj Umrah Hub has always provided its customers with the best Umrah packages no matter what. Our Easter Umrah package gives you the best opportunity to go on a spiritual journey with your loved ones. Hajj Umrah Hub offers three kinds of Umrah packages that are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star for 7, 10, 12, and 14 nights but this is different. We can customise these packages for you according to your requirements.

The star rating of the package depends on the type of hotel included in the package. The most popular hotels near Kaaba are usually expensive and considered 5-star. Most hotels included in our Easter Umrah packages 2024 contain complimentary breakfast. So, you will have the satisfaction that the first meal of your day is covered.

We can provide other meals and transportation. Our Umrah packages are customisable, and everything will be according to your requirements.

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Can Umrah be performed any time of the year?

Like Hajj, there is no compulsion for Umrah to be performed at a specific time of the year. Therefore, you can perform this Sunnah any time of the year, excluding the Hajj days.

Do Hajj Umrah Hub Umrah packages contain an Umrah visa?

Yes, the all-inclusive Umrah packages at Hajj Umrah Hub cover everything from your Umrah visa and flights to accommodation and food.

Can I do Umrah in one week?

Yes, you can do Umrah in one week. We have multiple 7-day packages for you at Hajj Umrah Hub that you can choose from.

Which airlines fly from the UK for Umrah?

Airlines that offer flights from the UK for Umrah include;

What is the fastest way of getting to Makkah from Jeddah airport?

You can use a train or a taxi to get to Makkah from the nearest airport. Travelling from Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah to Makkah will take approximately an hour.