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Best Ramadan Umrah packages

The crave for being the guest of Allah’s House is found increasing and increasing in the hearts of believers as they grow old. Since paying a visit to Makkah Mukarma in the month of Zilhajj in specific days is a mandatory prayer called Hajj for financially stable Muslims, not everyone becomes fortunate enough of this holy journey. Although, besides these days Muslims can visit the sacred city and get rewarded by Allah in name of Umrah, however, Umrah in another sacred month of Ramadan is considered equivalent to Hajj; which becomes a beacon of good news to a large number of Muslim community. These believers are looking forward towards best Ramadan Umrah packages to fulfill the sacred lust and desire. Hajj Umrah Hub brings a good news to all those in search of cheap Ramadan Umrah packages to cheapest Ramadan Umrah packages.      

Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages

Following are the cheap Ramadan Umrah packages to cheapest Umrah packages for the month of Ramadan providing a wide range of options to our valued customers with this holy desire:

3 Star 7 Nights cheap Ramadan Umrah package: 
4 nights stay in Makkah and 3 nights at Madinah

3 Star 10 Nights cheap Ramadan Umrah package:
5 nights stay in Makkah and 5 nights in Madinah
3 Star 12 Nights cheap Ramadan Umrah package:
6 nights stay in Makkah and 5 nights in Madinah

3 Star 14 Nights cheap Ramadan Umrah package:
7 nights stay in Makkah and 7 in Madinah

3 Star 29 Nights Best Ramadan Umrah package:
19 nights in Makkah and 10 nights in Madinah
4 Star 29 Nights Superior Ramadan Umrah package:
19 nights stay in Makkah and 10 nights in Madinah 

5 Star 29 Nights Super Deluxe Umrah package:
19 nights stay in Makkah and nights in Madinah

5 Star 29 Nights golden Umrah package:
19 nights stay in Makkah and 10 nights in Madinah

Re Known Hotels Offered in Best Ramadan Umrah Packages  

These best Ramadan Umrah packages involve stay at luxurious, comfy and re known hotels of Makkah and Madinah including:

General facilities of Best Ramadan Umrah Packages

Best Ramadan Umrah packages offers the following facilities under their Cheap Ramadan package:

Visa Services
Stay at Makkah Hotels
Stay at Madina Hotels

Importance of month of Ramadan 

Muslims observe to fast in the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is declared as the month of blessings in Quran. The reward all prayers either mandatory or non-mandatory increases when offered in the state of fasting. The fasts are intended to bring the believers close to their Creator and to realize the sufferings of those who are unfortunate. The month begins with greetings like “Ramadan Mubarak”. The Muslims offer Fajar prayer and eat their meal called “Sehri” and then abstain themselves from eating, drinking and other worldly desires. A large meal called “Aftari” is shared amongst family and friends after the sunset. Another hallmark of Ramadan are the nightly prayers called “Taraweeh” observed by Sunni Muslims. Just like every other act of kindness and prayers yield more reward in the holy month of Ramadan, an obligatory pillar of Islam which is more specifically mandatory for financially stable Muslims, gains much higher reward and blessings in this month. No doubt, a visit to the house of Allah is a pleasure in any month throughout the year still a large number of believers desire to offer this beautiful and blissful obligation in Ramadan.

Ways to attain more rewards during Ramadan 

As offering prayers becomes a pleasure in Ramadan, in order to gain more reward, recite a lit bit of Quran after every prayer. Similarly, tie a tasbeeh counter to your steering wheel or one around your finger to perform dhikr whenever you get chance. Likewise, choose 30 duas 1 for each Ramadan comprising of the wishes you want to ask Allah Almighty to grant. Even, just listening to Quran is very rewarding during Ramadan. You tube contains countless videos of beautiful recitations from all over the world. Either, it’s the 5 times prayer of the one at night, praying in congregation brings 25-27 more rewards and even more in this Holy month. So picking up a friend for taraweeh or letting him accompany you to mosque for 5 daily prayers is the best thing to do. Another, great way to please Almighty and earn reward is to feed a fasting person.

Tips for Umrah in Ramadan  

Ramadan is an attraction for a large community of worshippers, which makes all Holy places especially the mosques overcrowded. In order, to keep yourself safe beforehand, keep track of your group members travelling with you. In case of in convenience, keep your hotel as a meeting location. Keep water with you when praying after sunset. Don’t forget your holy prayer mat which come in handy to accompany you to offer prayer at various holy sites. The Holy Quran is mandatory keeping item, so keep even a mini Quran or book of supplications along, to be with you. Places become over crowded after Asr during Ramadan, so keep track of taraweeh prayers. Umrah is religious ritual demanding you to walk for long distances so take care of health as well. To keep your energy up, eat whole-grain foods, fruits, and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Take care of yourself and the people around you.