Hajj Umrah Hub FAQ’s

1. How do I confirm my booking?

Your booking will be confirmed once you have entered your credit card details and pressed the ‘confirm’ button. This will take you to the booking confirmation page where you will need to press the ‘submit’ button after which; you will receive a booking confirmation email. The email will cover all the details of the selected package including price and order number etc.

2. How can I book an e-ticket?

On the airport, you will need to show a copy of the confirmation email sent by Hajj Umrah Hub along with a copy of your valid passport and an e-ticket will be issued to you.

3. How to cancel a booked flight?

A cancellation request can be sent to info@hajjumrahhub.co.uk via email or over the telephone at 0203 884 0373. If a payment for a booking has not been received within 72 hours, it will be canceled automatically.

4. When and how do I expect to receive my ticket(s)?

Tickets are sent via courier services. In the UK, our customers are more likely to receive tickets via Registered Mail. For these services, a signatory must be present or else, the ticket will have to be picked up from a certain location which will be told if a signatory is not found. Keeping ID card along will be important in this case. All throughout the world, UPS is commonly used for ticket delivery while for Heathrow and Gatwick airports, Personal Collection is used.

Tickets can be received within 7 days of booking but if the margin of 7 days is not available, the ticket will be sent within 24 hours on urgent basis.

5. What is baggage allowance?

At Hajj Umrah Hub, our customers are able to find a wide array of Holy travel and tour deals with special Hajj and Umrah packages. Our cheapest packages with some of the finest hotel accommodations and cheapest airlines have provided us with hefty discounts which we forward to our valued customers. We have organized these discounted offers into various packages to suit the needs of Holy travelers and tourists according to their budgets. From our wide selection of Hajj and Umrah packages, sacred travelers can select the one that suits them the most and perform their Holy Duties. Variations and customizations are also possible in these packages.

6. Can I book flights for other if I myself am not traveling?

Yes, you can surely book flights for others. The procedure is all the same. However, we will need to make a confirmation in this case and for that, you will be directly contacted. Until you confirm, a reservation will not be made.

7. How early do I need to book a flight before traveling?

Depending on the case, the refunding process may take as less as 10-40 days or as much as 12 months. The consolidator and the involved airline company reserve full right to review the case before refunding. In most general cases, refunding charges £5.00per passenger.