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November Umrah packages

Performing Umrah is an eager holy crave of all Muslims around the globe. Hajj Umrah Hub has always been extra alert in providing best and economical Hajj and Umrah opportunities for believers in Islam. Umrah packages for November are also among those amazing and unavoidable stroke of felicity and pleasure for our worthy customers in UK. November marks the beginning of winter season and the planning of family members, friends and couples to various travel spots begins. Majority of holy travelers want to begin their spiritual and holy journey in either Ramadan or at Eid ul Azha or summer break but avoid travelling due to weather conditions or health issues. November is the month which is moderate in terms of weather conditions as well. Therefore, November Umrah packages are designed by professional travel managers of Hajj Umrah Hub for travelling with family members keeping family travel needs in minds. Our travel experts have also considered the fact that some believers consider stay at Makkah more spiritual while others have more religious associations with the holy city of Madinah. Umrah packages for November contains different number night stays in Makkah and Madinah keeping the desires of our holy travelers in mind. Apart from lavish stay at 3, 4 and 5 star re known hotels of Makkah and Madinah, November Umrah packages also offer visa services and luxury flights for families in economy, first and business class. 

Umrah packages for November can be an opportunity of blessings for your family. Don’t miss out these economical and affordable Umrah packages for November to become the guest of House of Allah and the holy visitor of sacred spots where Prophet (PBUH) spent the holy time of his life. The Umrah packages for November comprise of 7, 10, 12 and 14 days stay in luxurious and splendid spots as already mentioned. Apart from the stay at these elegant hotels, Hajj Umrah Hub offers their November Umrah packages with visa services, assure comfortable journey during flight and travel facilities after reaching the holy spot. So now you would not have to wait for December or Easter holidays or the month of Ramadan to perform this beautiful supererogatory prayer, you can make use of November Umrah packages and become the fortunate one to be called the visitor of Allah Almighty’s House.

Things to pack out for your holy journey once you decide to avail these amazing family Umrah packages for November

Many holy travelers miss out a number of essential items necessary for their sacred journey. Particularly when it comes to travelling with family members, keeping these necessary possessions becomes even more essential to make out the most out of this supererogatory prayer. You must pack immediately once you decide to avail these November Umrah packages including Ahram, towels, umbrellas, pair of Sleepers for each family member, tooth brushes and tooth paste along with mouth wash if necessary, a bottle of shampoo and unscented soap, few packs of biscuits and other dry food items, packet of tissues and toilet tissue roll, alarm clock, basic medicines or other you find necessary for particular family member, cups and glasses, few pairs of socks, nail cutter, camera and sufficient batteries face cream or some cold cream, a travel Iron, tea bags and water heater for making tea. Apart from these take other items you consider important for personal reasons to make the most out of this holy journey.